“The Heritage Difference”

We are a woman-owned family business with an ‘Old-World’ commitment to quality service. We are not in the business of simply selling services but are dedicated to forming business-to-business relationships that allow us to provide knowledge and skills to our clients with the goal of promoting a smoother and more efficient use of modern technology. By truly understanding your business’ needs and practices, we can ensure that our technical services are tailored to boost your productivity while minimizing costs. We deliver satisfaction and our clients stay with us!

Personalized response is guaranteed. When you work with Heritage, you expect to have a person answer the phone 99% of the time. Voice mail is provided so we don’t miss your calls….but we believe in old fashioned, personal customer service. Our goal is to answer the phone within two rings. Imagine no press 1 for this and 2 for that….you actually get to talk with a human.

Community Involvement

How We Work

When you work with Heritage, you expect to have access to our tech after the job is finished. We understand that you may have questions. Depending on the type of service, you have 7-10 days of free telephone support for your questions after delivery. Your questions are encouraged.

When you work with Heritage, you expect to understand your technology. Our techs take the time to help you understand the technology so you can manage your own system and not have to totally rely on us.

When you work with Heritage, you expect to be heard. You speak, we listen. We respect your opinion. You will have the information you need to make informed decisions. We will not be insulted if you elect not to implement all of our recommendations.

When you work with Heritage, you expect flexibility and creative problem solving. We do not push a single solution on you. We provide you with information to allow you to make informed decisions on your technology.

Although we have a wide variety of services that address many technology issues, we approach each project with the same attitude: We customize the solution to produce desirable results for your company with the least amount of upheaval. Changes are inevitable….but we try to make it painless.

HCCS Products/Specialties

Do you encounter any of these situations?

“We have information stored in many different places. Some of the data is on paper; other data is in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. We realize that a custom database would allow us to organize and retrieve the information more efficiently. But the information we track is so unique. Where do we start?”

“We have a custom database that was written in a language that is no longer supported. We really need to upgrade but I don’t know where to turn.”

“We have staff that can develop the database we desperately need but they have too much to do and won’t be able to start on our application for months. We need it right now. Our current method of handling this project is costing the company hundreds of dollars in lost productivity.”

“We need to use a small set of that data from our corporate mainframe on a laptop to record our inspections and complete our maintenance plans. We are not computer gurus. We are engineers who need an easy to use program to help us do our jobs.”

“Our data is so complex. We need someone who can understand our needs and provide a solution that will allow us to look at our sales figures in a meaningful way.”

“We need a custom application that can grow as we grow.""

"I want to build a relationship with a consultant that will be around when I need enhancements.”

“We need a quick response to our questions about our database. Frequently, we need to make changes due to regulations or special circumstances. We need to be able to call our consultant and get a real person not voice mail.”

If any of these situations sound familiar, please contact us for your technology needs!