Custom Applications

Looking for a computer guru who can tailor technology to suit your specific business needs? Or maybe you need to organize and access data more efficiently? Heritage can help improve business productivity through custom applications. We serve businesses in a wide-variety of industries who realize that technology is an integral part of being a leader in their industry. They realize that a custom solution will help them manage their business, which in turn allows them to provide top-notch service to their customers. Some of the industries our clients represent are railroad, mortgage, manufacturing, retail, medical services, non-profit, county and state government.

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Databases, Data Management, Data Analysis

Our developers tackle complex business challenges every day, providing innovative technology solutions and data management expertise to enhance your business processes. Our experts are also versatile, experienced data management specialists, developing custom databases and applications for clients from many industries. Our customers understand that technology is an essential component of successful business practices. Our programmers understand how to tailor your data flow to suit your business processes. Our expertise includes database design and custom programming in Microsoft Access, VBA, SQL, .NET, and more. Contact our experts for a consultation today!

Data Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed by multiple data sources? Do you struggle to bring all that data together in an accessible format so employees can use the information to make critical business decisions? Perhaps you are looking for a better way to sort or report your data? Or maybe you just need to talk to a specialist to see what options are available for business Data Management? “The Heritage Difference” in data management is personalized service, expert advice, and over 25 years of professional experience to help you “tame” your data. Working closely with business leaders in the industries our clients represent, HCCS, Inc. develops systems for capturing, sorting and accessing data in a way that allows our customers to achieve business productivity anywhere.

Our goal for our clients is to make sure their professionals can analyze data easily and effectively, from anywhere. Personalized service means HCCS goes the extra mile to provide answers, support and training for the data management services you need. Contact us for more information!

Application Training

Our staff consists of Microsoft certified developers and technicians who specialize in data management, PC support, and software training. “The Heritage Difference” means we take the time to help you understand and utilize your technology effectively. Our experts are also qualified data management specialists developing custom databases and applications for clients from many industries. Our programmers will consult with your team to enhance your business processes. Our experts will make sure you are comfortable with your new technology by providing technical support and hands-on training for your staff. When you work with Heritage, personalized service is guaranteed! Request more information today!

Specialties include

  • Data management & analysis
  • Database architecture & design
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • No SQL data storage
    • Mongo DB
  • Line of Business Applications
    • Office Add-ins
    • Visual Basic
    • C#
    • WinForms
    • WPF
  • Legacy System Interaction
    • Microsoft Access
    • VBA
"Heritage did three great things for us. First, they assembled an enoumous mountain of data from a variety of sources - including paper documents and several different databases with different formats and coding schemes. Then they created a user-friendly, reliable database in which all of this data could reside. Finally, they "loaded" the information into the database in such a way that most of the duplicate information was eliminated, and the resulting information organized, concise, and uniformly formatted" Eighmey,
Executive Director for
Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund.